Sitting in Awe

With the second week of school coming to a close, I know it's time to finally accept the end of summer and look to the programming of the fall semester. But, even though I am able to stay where I am and be present for all that is coming, I think reflection is still important. In the past, I would have packed up my car and had quite a long drive down I-35. During that drive, I would have the time to think about all the things I had accomplished – all the mountain top moments of my internship. But somewhere around Waxahachie, I would begin to realize how packed the summer was, and quickly after, how drained I was. Then around Hillsboro, I would begin to thank God because I knew nothing that I

Life Together

I think in Christian circles there can sometimes be this verbiage that describes the ideal way we are supposed to interact with each other. We seek to “love each other well” or “share our lives with each other." As I heard these phrases used more and more throughout my time in college, I believe I tried to describe most of my friendships like this. But I think I was doing my friendships a disservice because they were so much more than that. My friends that I have made over the past four years listen to me, challenge me, and celebrate with me. Some friends point me back to the Word constantly and others sit with me through the messes and show me what compassion and grace should look like. In

Taking A Swing At Hunger

On August 27th, Feed Lake Highlands is hosting the fourth annual Topgolf Tournament. You may have seen our Facebook posts or a blurb in the newsletter, or the promotional posters around the church all prominently displaying our call to action: “Take a swing at hunger in Lake Highlands.” As you read the poster, the saying may have caused you to laugh or admire how fitting the saying is for a golf tournament. And it may have started that way, but as I think about that call to action for this year’s tournament, I think about the ways the ministries of Feed Lake Highlands continue to “take a swing.” Feed Lake Highlands was born out of an after school program that met at The New Room. Nine years

One of My Favorite Seasons

This past weekend I drove to Alabama to drop my younger sister off for her second year at Auburn University. As we were making the four state, 10-hour drive my sister was working on her final essay for summer school while coordinating move-in schedules and tasks with her roommates. She would complete a paragraph and immediately notify her roommates that she was bringing the trashcan for the kitchen and the shower curtain. As I witnessed this cycle of tasks, I was initially relieved that I would not have to organize who was bringing the dish towels or worry about class registration anymore. But as this continued I have to admit I started sensing a hint of jealousy deep down. Back to school se

Using Your Gifts

I fully believe that God gives us many personal gifts for us to use to glorify his kingdom. He gives us gifts to encourage and to care for those less fortunate than ourselves. Sometimes it is difficult to recognize the special gifts we have, but many people in our lives affirm them in us. However, there are special gifts that we can identify early within ourselves that when we use them, we have the opportunity to grow deeper in our faith and experience God’s blessings. In my time being active in the church, I have seen pure joy exude when people use their God-given gifts, and I have seen it shape the course of someone’s life. In this past week, I have gotten to learn about Tanya Allen’s jou

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