God's Plan - Senior High Mission Trip 2018

Mission trip was planned. We would drive down Sunday, work Monday through Friday mudding and sanding drywall on a house, and come home again on Saturday. We would have a free afternoon on Wednesday and enjoy the Kemah Boardwalk. We knew what we were doing; the timetable, what we were eating, where we were staying, and we were ready. However, God had many surprises in store for us! God knew we were going to be in Houston for the first large tropical storm since Hurricane Harvey. He knew we would have the blessing of volunteering at the Food Bank - serving the children, youth and teachers of Houston on Monday due to the rain and potential flooding at our original worksite. On Tuesday, God knew

VBS is “Our Thing"

When people say “our thing,” it is usually meant as an exclusive statement, but when talking about Vacation Bible School last week, I fully believe it is the most inclusive declaration. Lake Highlands UMC takes full ownership of Vacation Bible School. The week is not just a Children’s Ministry event with no additional participation from other ministries. The OASIS ministry volunteered with the sixth grade group, the Youth ministry acted out the Bible stories and helped lead each grade group they were assigned to, and every volunteer took part in each theme day like they were the ones attending VBS. I also do not know what could be more inclusive then opening the doors of our church to 450 ch


This summer will be my fourth working at LHUMC, Georgia Sides’ third and Ropa Moyo’s second. Each summer has looked a little bit different for each of us. There has been an update to the church, our job descriptions sound a little different or our ministry focus has changed. This summer, I have begun a year-long fellowship with LHUMC working with Feed Lake Highlands, the LHUMC Youth Ministry and LHUMC Communications. Georgia is interning for Children’s ministry, experiencing the joy of seeing the familiar and new faces of kids learning about Jesus through growing summer camps like VBS, Pine Cove Camp in the City, and Kids Mission Week. And Ropa is concentrating on the Outreach Ministry at Th

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