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    Lake Highlands United Methodist Church is comprised of a vibrant community of individuals and families ranging from those just beginning life’s journey to those enjoying their twilight years. We are not only a community; we are a family. We are committed to caring for and loving one another in solidarity, and to being present for one another while we navigate the ups and downs of life.

    Our mission at Lake Highlands United Methodist Church is to transform the people of Lake Highlands and beyond by Connecting through the love of Christ, Deepening relationships with Christ, and Serving with the heart of Christ. Our Groups facilitate this mission by offering educational and spiritual development for people of all ages; by engaging the children of our community to participate in vacation Bible school and summer camps; through local outreaches such as The New Room, and by providing global missional opportunities through which our parishioners have the opportunity to reach a world in need.

    It is our hope that everyone feels genuinely embraced here at Lake Highlands United Methodist Church. We welcome all to join this vibrant family of loving solidarity and Christian embrace as we reach out to our community and beyond.


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