An Indescribable Gift - Junior High Mission Trip 2018

“Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!” ~ 2 Corinthians 9:15~ This verse was the closing verse for our devotional on Tuesday morning. Our 16 students and four adults read this, ate breakfast, and then set out to serve at four different ministries throughout the day. As we were serving, I continued to think about the verses we read that morning. In 2 Corinthians 9:9-15, Paul talks about pouring out for the needs of others and being rewarded ten-fold by the Lord, and he describes perfectly what a blessing serving others can be. While many people would hear of a week-long trip with 16 students going into 7th – 9th grade and shudder at the thought, I can truly say this past week was a ble

Refreshing and Renewing Community

This may not surprise anyone, but I was what some might call a “youth group baby.” As soon as I found a youth group during middle school, I did everything possible to be at every event and be down at my church as much as possible. I would come over after school and do my homework as I waited for Bible study. I would stay at the church for an average of 10 hours on Sundays just to participate in each youth program available to me. The church was my home away from home. It was my safe space and my community, so I served and spent time there without thinking about it. And throughout the different seasons of my life, working or serving in a church has been my constant. My home to come back to, a

Celebrating "Together"

Holidays are pretty special in my family. We have unique traditions to determine who opens the first present on Christmas morning or, now that we are older, we may celebrate three holidays in one week because of work schedules and proximity. I am the first to admit that we have unconventional ways of celebrating holidays, but no matter what we decide to do for birthdays or Thanksgiving, the one requirement is that we celebrate together. I have participated in the Lake Highlands Exchange Club 4th of July parade for the past four years. We have passed out candy, fans, beach balls or prizes. We have driven the church van, walked or just decorated cars, but no matter what our “float” looks like

Unexpected Blessings - Support Our Troops

During my four years of undergrad, without fail, my mom would send at least one card a month, and when I was deep in the middle of finals, a box filled to the rim with some of my favorite snacks just seemed to appear. Every time I received a card or package it was a reminder that someone loved me, was thinking about me, and that small comforts and deep breaths could get me through some of the most stressful times. If I am completely honest, each time I received mail it was unexpected. I should have gotten used to cards for Arbor Day and Flag Day, but it was always a surprise to see an envelope with familiar writing and a silly saying that made me smile. And while it had nothing to do with ac

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