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VBS is “Our Thing"

When people say “our thing,” it is usually meant as an exclusive statement, but when talking about Vacation Bible School last week, I fully believe it is the most inclusive declaration.

Lake Highlands UMC takes full ownership of Vacation Bible School. The week is not just a Children’s Ministry event with no additional participation from other ministries. The OASIS ministry volunteered with the sixth grade group, the Youth ministry acted out the Bible stories and helped lead each grade group they were assigned to, and every volunteer took part in each theme day like they were the ones attending VBS.

I also do not know what could be more inclusive then opening the doors of our church to 450 children. It was the largest VBS that I have witnessed, and let me tell you it was incredible. There was so much energy and pure joy radiating throughout the church. The cheers for their color group and their dance moves showed off so much excitement, and it was all such a blessing from God.

The week felt so quick, but in those little moments of quiet or at a rally when we all prayed, I kept thinking about how much of a communal blessing VBS is. The children attend VBS and learn about the gospel while being so loved and cared for, then when they are old enough they volunteer with the youth and help teach the stories and care for the kids, and as parents have their kids attend or as parents volunteer they witness God’s love surrounding this whole week. Through the incredible prep work and attention to every possible detail, this week is done with so much excellence, and the best part is it is all to show God’s inclusive love to our church, our community, and beyond.

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