Children's Ministry  

Christmas Market


You are invited to buy one or more of these "gifts" in honor of your loved ones, and we have a special card that you can share with them, which will explain the gift and the ministry that you have blessed in their name. Cards are available on Sundays mornings December 1st - 22nd in the Narthex or Great Hall.

3rd Grade Bibles

  • $25.00


Help send a kid to camp

  • $25.00

  • $50.00


Family Ministry support

  • $25.00

  • $50.00


Partial Music Arts Drama Camp scholarship

  • $90.00


Partial Camp in the City scholarship

  • $135.00


Full Music Arts Drama camp scholarship

  • $175.00


Partial Bridgeport scholarship

  • $225.00


Full Camp in the City scholarship

  • $270.00


Full Bridgeport scholarship

  • $425.00

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