LHUMC Children's/Family Choir

Covid Precautions:

  • Masks will be worn during group interaction.

  • Children will sit with their parent(s).

  • Family groups will be spread out in the choir room.

  • With cooler weather approaching there is a possibility we will practice outside.

  • We will continue to monitor the status of COVID spread and will update you as needed. We ask for your flexibility if any changes must be made.

The songs that we teach are primarily based on Biblical stories and Scripture. The children learn about the life of Christ, God's great love for us, and the heroes of the faith from the Old and New Testaments.

The children sing regularly in our Worship Services.

This year we will be having four different classes offered for our kids.

Register for just one or for all of them! 


We love our singing kids!

Our schedule in the Choir Room:

Wednesdays 5:15-6pm for Kinder, 1st and 2nd graders beginning September 8

Sundays 4:15 - 5 pm for 3rd-5th graders beginning September 12

Our 4 Sessions:

1. Family Choir - we invite one or both parents to come and sing with us. We will learn Scripture Songs, the Books of the Bible, and fun songs to sing in the car! We will sing in church on September 26 and October 17.and ends on the 17th of October

2. Christmas Musical "3 Wee Kings"  on December 12.

Auditions will begin on October 20 at 5:15 pm for K-2nd grades and October 24 at NOON for 3rd- 5th graders.  We will sing in church on November 14 and December 12. We end on Dec. 12.

3. Hand Chimes/Boomwhackers will begin January 5 at 5:15 for K-2nd graders

and January 9 at 4:15 for 3rd-5th graders We will ring in church on January 30 and February  27. We end on February 27.

4 Regular Choir will begin March 9 at 5:15 for K-2nd graders and March 13 at  4:15 for 3rd- 5th graders. We will sing on Palm Sunday, April 10 and April 24 which will also be the end of the semester.


Questions.  Contact Tanya Allen, Director of Traditional Music Ministry 214-348-6600 x108