Lent Facebook Reading Plan and Discussion Group: “Christ-Centered”


From Ash Wednesday to Easter, Lake Highlands UMC will have a daily reading plan to go along with the Lent sermon series, "Christ-Centered". 

Find the reading plan HERE


Each day we will read a passage that focuses on Christ and also answer

a few application question through Lectio Divina.

Lectio Divina is the practice of “divine reading”.

  1. Look:  What stood out to you about Jesus or about following Jesus in this passage?

  2. Listen:  What do you sense the Holy Spirit is speaking to you from this passage?  What encouragement?  What conviction?

  3. Live:  What change is God inviting you to make today?  Where are you being prompted to draw closer to Christ?

Join the Facebook discussion group,

"Lake Highlands UMC "Christ-Centered" Daily Lent Reading",

to share your insights and encouragements with one another during Lent!