Pay it off

Pay it forward

“I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me… straining toward what is ahead…” (Philippians 3: 12-13)


Goal                                               $1,500,000

Pledges Made                               $1,131,641

Pledges and Gifts Received  $  649,920


* This report reflects capital campaign pledges and gifts received through January 31, 2020.

Funds Spent / Allocated

$475,000 Principal Mortgage Reduction Payment

$16,748 HVAC

$65,690 Deferred Maintenance

$ 2,561 Allocated Deferred Maintenance

$ 8,841 Children’s check-in stations    

$568,841 Total Spent / Allocated

Capital Campaign Prayer:

"Lord, what do You want to do through me."


On Sunday, February 5, 1956, Reverend Ken McIntosh and 150 people gathered at Victor Hexter Elementary School for our first worship service.  Through that congregation, our church began with a dream and 5.7 acres at the corner of McCree and Plano Roads. As the church continued to grow in numbers and discipleship, the congregation took hold of the dream and created Christian Childhood Development Center, Scout Troop 890, ACT (Artists of Christian Talent), outreach ministries at Audelia Manor and the New Room, Feed Lake Highlands, as well as many other ministries that have become avenues to share the love of Jesus and transform the people of Lake Highlands and beyond.



God continues to press on and work through the people of our church today.  In the summer, over 1000 children in our community learn about Jesus through Vacation Bible School, cheer and sports camps, musical theater week, and Camp in the City.  Our youth mission trip participants have tripled in the past five years, and three new worship experiences have started at neighboring senior living facilities in the past year.  



God is giving our church an amazing opportunity to reach people of all ages with the love and grace of Jesus Christ.  We believe that God is leading us to expand our children and youth ministry, deepen discipleship with more marriage and counseling opportunities, as well as offer more worship experiences on and off-campus.  In order to make this vision a reality, we must address two significant hurdles – existing debt and deferred building. 


We must start by paying off our existing sanctuary debt of ~$870,000.  Over $140,000 of our annual budget is spent to cover our principal and interest payment.  

We must also address deferred maintenance issues, such as our roofs, HVAC systems, etc. 

Eliminating these barriers will set us free to offer more resources to share the Gospel in new and creative ways.


We benefit from those who have gone before us and provided a place where we have come to know Jesus Christ.  Now it’s our turn to pave the way for those here and for those who will follow us in ministry.  Here are some of our church’s needs that, with your support, we will implement to reach God’s people in the next five years:

Children’s & Youth Ministries 

  • Purchase sign-in equipment to minimize check-in time and improve security by 2019

  • Provide two year-round interns by summer 2020

  • Provide Science and Spanish studies at CCDC by 2020

  • Improve Youth Center to accommodate increase number of attendees

  • Add two part-time staff in Youth Department by 2023


Discipleship Ministry

  • Provide funds for speakers, scholarships, date-night opportunities and childcare that encourages spiritual growth.

  • Create Mothers of Pre-Schoolers group by 2020

  • Implement a spiritual self-assessment and growth plan in 2021

  • Expand the staff to ten hours per week and add a summer intern by 2020

  • Improve the acoustics between classrooms and adjacent worship locations by 2020

  • Provide Christian counseling services by 2020


Outreach Ministry 

  • Add a part-time Spanish speaking pastor in 2019

  • Add three new apartment communities by 2022

  • Add a part-time administrator at 20  hours per week by 2020



  • Increase parking, add additional visitor and late arrival parking in 2019

  • Increase campus security 

  • Provide live-streaming of both worship services by 2021

  • Upgrade lighting, computer and software equipment, theater stage matting, electronic blinds and acoustics in Great Hall by 2020

  • Add two additional Relate worship team musicians by 2020

  • Add additional worship service with a part-time pastor and worship team by 2020



  • Increase material and equipment maintenance reserves by $300,000 

Campaign Prayer: "Lord, what do you want to do through me."


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

“Much is required from those to whom much is given...” (Luke 12: 48)


As I look around our church, I see an abundance of gifts that God has given us. I see children in Sunday School classes, sitting in worship with their families, and praying at the altar rail. I see youth singing praises, serving on mission trips, and sharing their witnesses of faith with one another. I see adults in discipleship groups, serving through our outreach ministries, and strengthening relationships with God and one another. As I give God thanks for these blessings, I find Jesus’ words to be challenging, as they beg the question, “Lord, what are You requiring of us?”


A cross-section of our church leadership spent over a year discerning God’s guidance and creating a strategy for living into God’s dreams for our church, which include strengthening children’s and youth ministries, expanding discipleship opportunities, and expanding worship experiences on and off campus.


In order to live into this dream, we must eliminate some existing barriers. We must pay off our existing sanctuary debt and take care of deferred building maintenance. Neither of these challenges are particularly “exciting,” however, when we are set free from these liabilities, then we will have more resources to reach God’s people with the love and grace of Jesus Christ. Now that’s exciting! And that’s what God requires of us.


I invite you to join me and my family in prayerfully supporting this campaign, as we strive to “pay it off,” so that we can “pay it forward” in faith for this generation and the many generations to come.


In Christ,
Reverend Jill Jackson-Sears, Senior Pastor