Here is a picture of God at work during COVID-19 while all along He is encouraging us to stretch and grow and engage in ministry in new ways.  EPIC is our church’s after school club.  And it has been closed since COVID arrived last March.  The 30 kids (and their families) we serve have been greatly missed. 


Once upon a day last November God unexpectedly placed 100 new books into the hands of Susan Lopez. A God story for sure! Filled with excitement she called Jill Goad to offer them up as Christmas present for the kids. 


Susan has a heart for the kids and a passion for them to love reading!  Jill had been wondering what new thing could happen to better stay in touch with the kids.  They put their minds together and the FLH Cargo van turned into the EPIC Book Mobile on Tuesdays. 


Decorated with a sign and balloons and filled with camp stools, tables, crates of 300+ books and crafts, the book mobile pulls into Summerhill apartment community every Tuesday afternoon at 4pm.  Between 5-13 kids come each Tuesday to hear Ms. Susan read a book or tell a story (complete with props)! 


We started the Book Mobile with an intentional growth plan to take it to the other apartment communities where our students live.  What a picture of what can happen when we think outside the box and serve outside the van!!!  


Girl Scout Troop 2102, which consists of twelve fifth graders at White Rock Elementary, is working on earning

their Bronze Award. The Bronze Award is the highest award Junior Girl Scouts can earn.

Part of our project consists of collecting diverse themed books for Feed Lake Highlands’ EPIC book mobile. 

We believe it is important for kids to see themselves in the books they read. 

We plan to collect new and used books during the month of March. 

Thank you for helping us earn our Bronze Award!

You can also drop off any new or used books in the collection bin at Lake Highlands UMC by March 28th. Age-appropriate books will be donated directly to the library and other books will be sold to purchase additional books and library supplies.

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